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May Ural Demo Day


C’mon Spring! We’re summoning warmer weather on May 5th for our second National Demo Day of 2018. If you missed our last demo day in March, it was a big success. Don’t miss out on seeing new Urals, eating donuts, and talking shop with like-minded sidecar fans.

P.S. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Wear a sombrero to the event, get $250 toward a new Ural. Seriously.

P.P.S. Send us pics!

                                                                        What to Expect

Coffee and Donuts

Come on out and grab some donuts or coffee or whatever other bites of food your Ural location may have. Full bellies make for better rides. 

On-Site Demos

Never been on a Ural before?! This is perfect for you. Our dealers will help walk you through everything you need to know. We got you covered! 

Nice to Meet You!

Get a chance to mingle with Ural owners. The Ural family is one of the closest and most friendly groups there is! Come out ask questions and listen to some great Ural stories.

Last month we had a great time meeting everyone and getting to know them and their Urals. We are very excited that we get another chance to see everyone again. Because this the Demo Day coincides with our Annual Spring Rally, it will be very busy, but there will be lots of food. See you soon!

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2018 Ural Gear Up Sportsman Package

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2018 Overland Individual Series 002

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History of Ural: Part II

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