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Ural Parts: Front Fender License Plate


My favorite part of having a Ural is the unique ways we get to accessorize it. A unique accessory piece we 


offer here at Ural of New England is the Front Fender License Plate. It sets the tone for any vintage bike. Between the 30's and 60's the front license plate for motorcycles were a must. It helped during WWII when they had different uses for the BMW's and the Ural squads that needed to be identified easily. The front license plates helped to do just that, when they were marked with which platoon/squad/unit they belonged 

to. They're not used for that today, so much as the reminder of where the vintage bikes come from. Now, you can put almost anything on the license plate, including your motorcycle club you belong to. 

Today, we opened the service shop up and took photos of our specialized Ural tech installing one of these historical pieces onto a bike. He began with tape, so not to damage or scratch the metal. It took quite a bit to cover properly. 

The drawn lines you see in the photos are his drill markers, carefully measured to perfection. Now it's time to drill. The first hole is to the back, with a small drill bit. 

The second hole is drilled in with a larger drill bit, to give the plate a better hold. Once the holes are made, the tape comes off and its time to clean up the holes with a bit of sealant to be sure the plate has a good hold on the bike. It's important that you have steady hands to complete these tasks. 

We are very thankful that we have a great technician who knows Urals and can equip them with whatever is desired. The photo on my right is one of our entrusted Ural gurus,Ted who assembles the Urals we get from Russia. He's done an excellent job with each bike that comes through his bay. 

The last thing to do with the license plate is to attach it to the front fender with hardware. It looks great and it's a good conversation piece. The front fender license plate is a great way to show off the history of your unique motorcycle. 

Click the link below to check out the fender plates we have for purchase. Embrace the history: Front Fender License Plate for Purchase

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