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Where to Ride a Ural?


If you haven't figured it out yet let me be the first to tell you that a Ural is a great deal for more than a cruiser around the back roads. It feels the best on the dirt roads, hilly dirt tracks, the unpaved wonder trails that lead into the abyss of adventure. If you live in New Hampshire or Vermont finding the trails designated for adventuring on an ATV or the like is easy. For those of us city folk who don't travel too far outside of Massachusetts and Florida, things can be a little more tricky. 

Yes, Urals are fun for the main roads and driving through the city, but that can get old real quick. Life calls for more than the mundane of everyday living. Life needs some spice so the mundane is a bit more bearable. So where do you go to have fun on your Ural in Massachusetts? I'm so glad you asked. Usually there are two options and different levels of experience to consider when choosing a place to ride. 

One of the best resources to look through is Rider Planet who has wonderfully created a list of options right here inMassachusetts. When you click on a place that sounds right for you it will provide maps (available to print), ratings, directions, different features that that particular place offers, and any rules or regulations. I'm going to highlight a few. 

First is 508 Intl which might sound familiar because they are hosting the event coming up on April 28th that Ural will be attending and showing off how fun it is to ride on the dirt. 508 Intl is relatively new, but they are making big strides in becoming a hub for sports, including motor sports. They have 22 acres of land to explore either with a vehicle or horse. They also offer a dirt track course and trails. I've personally ridden a Ural to 508 Intl and while it took a little while, it was well worth it when I arrived. Definitely recommend this place as your first stop into the off-road experience. 

Second is Bonny Rigg Campground. I highlight this because sometimes one day of fun isn't enough. This is a great place for the whole family. They do have restrictions on how fast you can go down their trails, but it's still a good time. They also offer a whole lot more than their motor friendly trails, which can be great when going with a group of people who might want to do other things. It's located in the Berkshire Mountains in Becket. 

Lastly is Capeway Rovers Motorcross. This is strictly a track course and should be said that it looks to be more for experienced riders. They have a number of race events throughout the year too. Even if you're not an experienced rider, getting around people who do various sorts of riding can always increase your knowledge and your contacts when you want to get a group together to go riding. 

If you have a place where you like to ride off-road please comment and let us know, we'd love to hear from you!

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