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Lost by Choice

Rider of the Month


People are unique and the way we look at life, interact with nature and the world around is different from each other. It's a beautiful thing to step into the shoes of another person and see what they see for a time. Each experience we have as humans is different, the way we feel about the experience differs from one another. We here at Ural would like to step into your shoes and to experience the adventures you've been on. Rider of the Month will be a dedicated episodic post of Ural owners each month. We want to see how you experience your Ural, even if it's just to work and back. 

Here is an adventure I went on in southern New Hampshire. We had to stop and remove all our electronics before going through this massive puddle.  

It got really narrow in some places in the woods. It's hard to tell, but this was an incline with lots of roots and rocks the Ural easily made it up. 

Roadside photos. 

If you'd like to be featured in our blog as Rider of the Month please email: ashley@alphacars.com. 

Send in pictures/videos of your favorite ride. Show us how you've accessorized your Ural. We want to know what makes Ural fun and why you've chosen it over any other adventure bike. 

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Upcoming Event: Bushcraft Gathering

This past weekend we got into our 2017 Ural Gear Up and putted out to Charlton, MA to meet with the planning team putting together a Bushcraft Gathering and we at Ural NE have been invited to participate in the event to show the off road capabilities of the Ural. Here are a few photos [...]

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Dare to Ride Adventurous

Each winter, 500 miles southeast of Irbit, Russia, home of the Ural factory, the world's largest freshwater lake freezes creating over 400 miles of barren ice fields. Adventure seekers from across the globe navigate to discover one of the world's most demanding rides, including the legendary semi-annual Ice Run. In 2010, our friends Hubert Kriegel and Chinzo [...]

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Long Island Recap

This past weekend we sent a team out to Long Island to introduce our new one of a kind Ural motorcycle, service other Urals, and give demo rides. The new Individual Series  New never before seen graphics!A big thanks to everyone who came out over the weekend. We had a great time getting to know you and [...]

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2018 Ural Gear Up

Welcome to the stage the new 2018 Ural Gear Up, the same Gear Up model you love with new options and features. No more bulky spot light; the new 2018 Gear Up will be equipped with two lights on the front of the sidecar tooptimize your night drive. Admire your new 2018 Gear Up in new colors not offered on [...]

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Ural of New England Demo Day - October 21st

Join the Ural of New England team & the Harbor Head Brewing Company as we take over the Britannia Yachting Center . We will be having a service center and exhibit. Where we will be performing recommended maintenance and demonstrating some proper general maintenance techniques all day. Demo Rides and sidecar skills demonstration. Come check out what [...]

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New Adventures

One of the best features of a Ural, no matter what model, is how many accessories can be added on. Whatever you choose makes the bike unique to fit the rider and monkey. Having the right tools and gear can make or break an epic adventure. We are excited to announce our new custom built [...]

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