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Dare to Ride Adventurous


Each winter, 500 miles southeast of Irbit, Russia, home of the Ural factory, the world's largest freshwater lake freezes creating over 400 miles of barren ice fields. Adventure seekers from across the globe navigate to discover one of the world's most demanding rides, including the legendary semi-annual Ice Run

In 2010, our friends Hubert Kriegel and Chinzo crossed Lake Baikal on their Ural sidecar in the middle of a particularly brutal Russian winter. They lived on Baikal for 2 weeks to complete their adventure battling -40°F wind chill and shifting snow drifts. 

"Living on the frozen Lake Baikal I found my ultimate ride challenge. I survived relying on my Ural sidecar with my co-pilot Chinzo." - Hubert Kriegel 

The new Ural 2017 Limited Edition Baikal has arrived ready for action. Taking the frozen lake and placing it on the Ural you love with Baikal blue metallic coloring.   

Beautifully made with orange accents with decals and on your gear to make the colors come to life. 

The orange decal here is of the Baikal lake to remind you that the Ural is capable of the most brutal of winters and adventures. You can also see here the very first Waterproof Braven Ural Bluetooth Speaker. 

A new side car cover to match your bike. 

 No matter what season, no matter where you go the Ural Baikal will be sure to turn heads. Don't miss out on the limited edition built for the most epic adventures. 

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