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Rider of the Month: December


Some like to travel by car or plane but for the rugged travelers who enjoy the journey more than the destination it's the Ural that becomes the ideal mode of transportation. This Rider of the Month we are featuring Fran and his wife who were kind enough to carve some time from their current Ural adventure across the country to interview; the photos you will see are from that adventure. 

Why did you pick Ural? Why your model? 

Fran has owned motorcycles all his life and has always loved sidecars, but never had any experience off road. Because his wife doesn't drive motorcycles, it wasn't an option to ride off road with her on the back because of the safety risks involved. A bike with a sidecar makes the off road experience with a rider the better choice. Picking a bike you can ride fully loaded with can be tricky and few bikes are equipped to do so. The 2016 Ural Gear Up became Fran's choice because of its on and off road durability with it's 2WD option. It's good for the small towns in Argentina where the roads are bumpy and long and it creates an ice-breaker to meet the locals. No matter where Fran and his wife go they will be sure to draw up smiles on everyone's face and explore without worry of getting stuck.   

How many miles/kilometers have you put on since your purchase? 

18,000 kilometers = 11,184 miles there had been only 7,000 kilometers (4,349 miles) before they went to Europe.

What makes your Ural unique? Mods, accessories, custom work, etc. 

As any Ural owner knows one of the best parts about owning the bike is adding accessories and modifications that fit your riding style and adventure. Fran and his wife have added Touratech boxes for extra storage, an extra gas can for obvious reasons, and an ammunition box for tools. The best part of the Ural is that even with all the extra gear, they're still doing well with any rough terrain they may have encountered. Looking good you two! 

What has been your favorite adventure you’ve done with your Ural? 

Fran and his wife are currently on their favorite adventure going across America in their Ural. Even with the cold setting in and any weather they encounter they are happy and excited to be doing a trip they've always wanted to do. While going across the country they have met other Ural riders who were kind enough to offer friendship and take them in out of the weather for a time. Sometimes having a Ural means you're in a small group of like-minded people creates a unique community of people that allows you to make friends faster than usual. 

What would you say to people looking to purchase a Ural? What about those interested in your model? 

If you’re not a social animal don’t get one, because you will attract attention. If you want to go fast, don’t get one. If you want to go slow, take in the scenery, and have a unique piece of machinery this is the one for you! 

A big thank you to Fran and his wife for taking the time to tell a little bit of their story and send in their brilliant photos from their trip. We are proud that you both are a part of the Ural family.

If you would like to be featured on Rider of the Month to tell your adventure, please email ashley@alphacars.com 

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