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Upcoming Event: Bushcraft Gathering


This past weekend we got into our 2017 Ural Gear Up and putted out to Charlton, MA to meet with the planning team putting together a Bushcraft Gathering and we at Ural NE have been invited to participate in the event to show the off road capabilities of the Ural. Here are a few photos of our time out in Charlton over the weekend.

We met up at the grave site of John "Grizzly" Adams, an iconic mountain man.  

Interviews for the upcoming promo video. 

We are excited to join together with more outdoor and adventure enthusiasts that have unique skills when it comes to survival and living off the land. 

Event Date: April 28th 

Tickets: Purchase Tickets

Host of the Event Info: 508intl

New England Brushcraft Info: NE Bushcraft Info

More information will be given out in the upcoming weeks. Hope to see you there! 

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