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MIR comes in a brilliant orbital white with fine metal flake and finished with blue pearl clear. The result is a glowing white Ural with hues of blue that shift with the light - a perfect paint job for your intergalactic mission. A solar panel serves as a battery tender and accessories power source. If your mission requires more storage capacity, the panel can be swapped with the included sidecar nose luggage rack. To defeat the darkness of space we’ve fitted the sidecar with dual high-intensity LED lights and a custom tonneau cover that uses reflective insulation and can be used as a rescue thermal blanket. Next comes the wrench. Travel in deep space is filled with the unknown, so we’ve secured an emergency repair wrench onboard, complete with an embedded QR code for your very special “when all else fails” emergency repair instructions from Lev Andropov.

Whats Included:mir-noserack.jpg

  • Base Model: Patrol 2WD
  • Color: Orbital White - Metallic white with blue pearl, clear body
  • Bench Seat
  • Sidecar Bumper
  • LED Sidecar Lights
  • Spare Wheel
  • MRA VarioTouringScreen Windshield
  • Sidecar Windshield
  • Sidecar Nose Rack
  • Solar Battery
  • Tonneau Cover with Reflective Insulation
  • Rescue Wrench