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"Red October"

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Limited Edition for 2009 it was  offered as a 2010 Model Year with all applicable improvements!
Only 26 bikes were made as a 2010 Model Year. Ural of New England  sold 13 of them! In recent years it became a tradition for the factory to produce very Limited Edition theme based motorcycles. In 2009 the theme was based on the novel “The Hunt for Red October” by Tom Clancy and its movie version. OPTIMIZED FOR HANDLING AND SPEED! The Ural limited edition “Red October” sits lower than the standard Ural. It has 18 inch wheels instead of the common 19 inch ones and the lower mounted sidecar along with the bright red paint gives an aggressive stance even when stationary. The lower center of gravity also enhances cornering stability at higher speeds. Offered as 2010 Model Year with all applicable improvements!
As always on Ural limited editions there are many small detailed changes to enhance the overall theme: The “Red October” is equipped with the reverse gear lever on the fuel tank, retro style round sidecar lights, discreet luggage rack behind the riders seat and another on the boot of the sidecar, and a small practical steel box on the back of the sidecar with a unique mark, which somehow indicates the real origin of all Ural bikes.