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"M 70" I "Red October" I "Sahara" I "Yamal" I

Each year we look for inspiration for Ural's fall season limited edition series.

In 2010 inspiration come from Taiga - the World's largest northernmost forest frontier. It also comes from the endurance, resourcefulness and determination - the qualities necessary to navigate the unknown territories and survive the wilderness of the Great Taiga forests. It so happens that at Ural we specialize in keeping the traction when the road gets uncertain. So for all the pioneers at heart out there, we introduce this year's Limited Edition...

Ural "Taiga" 2WD - the ultimate adventure vehicle to carry you through your very own Taiga wilderness. Taiga is equipped with off-road accessories and practical tools to survive the most remote and treacherous conditions, should you choose to brave an adventure to Siberia...





                    taiga-20front.jpg                       Included:
                                           - Powder Paint
                                           - Driver Windshield
                                           - Nose rack 
                                           - Rear fender luggage rack
                                           - Engine skid plate
                                           - Fluid Canister & bracket
                                           - First Aid Box with 16 pcs survival kit 
                                           -  Hand winch with cover & towing points on the 
                                              front and rear of the sidecar frame
                                           - Black Cordura tonneau & seat cover
                                           - Spotlight
                                           - Shovel 

                                      taiga-20rear.jpgIn your Taiga trunk:
                                           - Manual Air pump
                                           - Maglite ® Flashlight with IMZ logo                                            - Motorcycle Repair Tool kit  
                                           - Tow Strap   


                                          Total Production Run  27 Units

                                          Ural Of New England  Sold 13 Bikes

                                                                                                                     Other Dealers in U.S. Sold 14 Bikes

Ural Taiga that is demonstrated in the slideshow above has following optional accessories: Forward/Reverse Twin Shifter, Additional Fuel Canister, Ammo Box, Hella Head Lamp.