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Beach parking is no longer a problem

Guys, my apologies in not responding earlier, but I’ve just been having way too much fun with the new Ural  as I have put in about 600 miles plus just cruising around southern Cal so far... I rarely drive my cars anymore as every trip is now an adventure.
...and beach parking is no longer a problem. This is a huge plus as I can now just simply back her into a little space between cars right by the sand!!!. That reverse is awesome!

No Regrets…Thank you again

Vince Silva from California


Excellent Dealer

My first trip to Ural of New England was to test ride a Ural to see what a purpose built sidecar was like. I came away very impressed with the riding experience, and also highly impressed with the people I met and how I was treated. I knew when i left that day , that this was the dealer that I wanted to buy from. They're motto is "expect to be impressed" and I was. The buying experience was one of the most enjoyable I've ever experienced, as I took ownership of a Ural a few weeks ago. All my questions were always answered along with great advice from Dimtry, and anybody else I came in contact with were also excellent to work with. Certainly a great experience for me.

Albert 92 from Middletown, N.Y.


Fantastic. I'll be back to Alpha Cars// Ural of New England.

Just took delivery of my new Ural Gear-Up. Deliveryman, Chip, was fantastic. Full of advice and info on how to ride my new sidecar outfit. Purchase  was pleasant and painless. Brad was a very good salesman (read not pushy). Knowledgeable about the product and its history. Fun guy to talk to. Facilities were immaculate. Didn't go into the shop area, but drove by an open garage door, and it looked clean and organized. Overall I am very happy with the   experience. When I want to upgrade to a Ural with all the bells and whistle, I'll be back to Alpha Cars// Ural of New England.  My advice-- Go buy a Ural!!

KenB from Avon, MA


Best Ural Motorcycle dealer in the country. 

For the last couple of year I had been thinking about buying a Ural Motorcycle. All I had read about this unusual but very fun vehicles led me to believe it was a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors where I live, both on-road and off-road. While shopping for a Ural I had call a couple of different dealers, one in Texas and another one in California, but in both occasions the sales people seem to be more interested in selling me something right away than helping me with my concerns. I should mention that I live in the island of Hawaii, therefore any purchase of a vehicle in the mainland tends to be a lengthy and a considerably more expensive process. It was not until I found Ural Motorcycles of New England (A.K.A. Alpha Cars) and Dmitry Bykhovsky, its owner, that I found a true partner in the buying process. Sure, Dmitry, like any other dealership owner, might have wanted my money, but the big difference was that he was willing to work for it. Not only he listened to my concerns and expectations and gave me prompt answers, even when those answers were not readily available and he had to research them first, but he was able to find me the closest possible thing to the motorcycle I was looking for, in a practically new condition, at a considerably reduced price, which, after transportation expenses, still translated in considerable savings. I also should add that Dmitry, his charming wife Olga, and the rest of the Alpha Cars family were there for me not only throughout the sales process, but also during the post sales and even now. Every time I have a question about the motorcycle, whether is about accessories, parts or maintenance, Dmitry's and his team's answers will come promptly within less than 24 hours. Always genuine and always helpful. This is worth a lot to me because although I am not a mechanic, Ural motorcycles lend themselves nicely to do it yourself maintenance. Goes without saying, that i would absolutely recommend Ural Motorcycles or New England and Alpha Cars to anybody looking to buy a vehicle from them. I am actually completely sure that I, myself, will deal again with them when the need arises, because regardless of the great distance that separates us, they have proved to me that their focus is in the right place, and everyday I take my Ural motorcycle out for a ride, which always puts a smile on my face, I am reminded of it. Thank you Dmitry, Olga, Thiago and all the rest. With much aloha. 

I.Soler from Kamuela, Hi


What a great experience

Let me start out saying, leaving four states and four hours away in Pocono Mts. PA. What a great experience I had with Dmitry and Brad, buying a new Gear-up. Being a senior citizen, not up on all the cellphone pictures and texting, and e-mails that had to be done, out of state. My son took care of all that. Brad was wonderful, being very patient and understanding with all that as well. Got to Ural New England on Sunday morning, a few hours earlier than they would normally be open. Thank Brad for that!! Everything was ready to go as promised. Started to do final paperwork and spent more time swapping stories than any little paperwork that had to be done. All accessories I purchased were wrapped and boxed up with great care. Also, want to thank service dept. and office staff for saving me a lot of time that day. Returned home at the Pocono Mts. PA. A day later, my son, that helped me so much with all of the transactions I had to do, took the Gear-up to my grandsons school to pick them up on their last day of school, for the year. Their classmates were so very impressed with it. They called it the sidecar bike. Thank you so much Brad, Dmitry, service, and office staff for making this happen so quick and easy.

Gary Possinger.....Pocono Mountains, PA


Wonderful and attentive.

Just bought my first Ural from Ural of New England. Dmitry, Olga, and Marianne were wonderful and attentive.
I live out of state and they were on the phone and responding to emails at all hours with my incessant questions and concerns. Highly recommended!

Solomon Brumbaugh Salt Lake City Utah


Warm welcome and thorough service.

Just a note to thank the management, staff and mechanics at Ural for the warm welcome and thorough service. Well done !

Cliff Gorfinkle


Great ride!

Took delivery of our 2016 Gear Up yesterday and nice 2-hour drive home via backroads from Boxborough to Concord, NH. Great weather and excellent time to learn to ride this machine!

Martin Koechel Concord MA


Mountain roads and trails are starting to call!

The team there excellent! I've been after a Ural since the late 90's and they helped me through everything to finally make that happen! Now the weather is starting to break and back mountain roads and now TRAILs are starting to call! Thanks guys!!! Can't say enough good things and everyone I talk to I send your way and I'm a few states away!!!

Dana DeTato, 2013 Ural Gear Up


The to go guys and experts in all things related to Urals.

I started my search for a new Ural after a friend purchased a new Patrol T and introduced me to the factory website. I fell in love with the M70 and Gear Up and began to search for a dealer to purchase from. It was soon very obvious that Dmitry and his team at Ural of New England were the go to guys and experts in regards to all things related to Urals. After looking through their impressive inventory displayed on Ural of New England’s excellent website, I began communications with Dmitry and had many questions. He was very informative and patient in educating me on the products features and benefits. My first choice was an M70, but wanting to have the option of 2wd began to price out an accessorized Patrol. Dmitry was quick to point out that many of my desired options were standard on a Gear Up model and that it would cost less. Dmitry’s honesty, patience and concern for presenting the best value won me over.


Ural of NE has earned my business and respect!

There were other dealers closer, but none with the available inventory, knowledge and dedication to customer satisfaction they have. That’s why I traveled over 500 miles from Pittsburgh to Boxborough to buy my 2012 Gear Up from Ural of New England. Dmitry is supported by his phenomenal team: Olga and Julia in the business office, Ted his Ural technician and Thiago his service manager. Olga and Julia did a great job with the paperwork and financials, Ted set up and did a thorough orientation of the bike, and Thiago serviced and accessorized the bike and had it ready in record time so I could fly to Boxborough and ride it home. Ural of New England has earned my business and respect by providing an “Exceptional Buying Experience” I have never had a purchase experience like this before.

Joe Homolek, Pittsburgh PA


Every experience with this dealership has been exemplary!

Kudos to Ural of New England. I had a small electrical problem with my 2012 Ural, which I purchased from Dmitry in July 2013. I needed some technical help to get it repaired. Dmitry and Thiago stepped right up and offered their assistance over the phone even though I am half way across the country and they had no expectation of recompense. My every experience with this dealership has been exemplary!

Garth A Leonard 


Fantastic to work with.

The people at Ural of New England. Where fantastic to work with. I passed up getting a 2014 gear up at the scooter store in buffalo. And traveled 420 miles to get the last 2013 fresh out of the crate forest fog gear up every sales person technician and office staff was great and helpful. Especially fond of the brownies. Thank you.

Joseph Twardowski 


Solved all problems in record time.

Bad news - Good news. 
Bad news - Had some engine and electrical problems with my new 2013 Retro Classic. Disappointing. 
Good news - Ural New England found and solved all problems in record time. Mechanic Ted even missed his son's basketball game to work into the night to correct problems. Ural HQ kept in the loop and fully supported the all out effort to correct any and all problems! Happy.

Joe Hosmer 


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