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2018 Overland Individual Series 002


Last year we gave you our first one-of-a-kind Ural. Now that spring and summer are around the corner we now offer yet another one-of-a-kind Ural Overland experience. It is fully equipped to handle all your outdoor adventures this summer and beyond! The Rainer White color and black features will make you stand out from other Urals. On this motorcycle you will be ready to take on the summer. 

Our highly qualified and trained techs have equipped this new Ural with almost every add-on we have. 



Off Road

  • Full set (4 tires) Heidenau K37 off-road tire
  • High Mount Exhaust w/ Hindle Muffler
  • Forward & Reverse Hand Shifter
  • Engine Oil Cooler


  • Heated Handlebar Grips
  • Black Wireless Electric Winch
  • 12v Handlebar Port
  • Black Air Horn


  • LED Auxiliary Lights
  • LED Hella Headlight Upgrade
  • Fender Mounted LED Drive Light
  • Rock Guard Protection Kit
  • Headlight Visor
  • LED Bulb Kit


  • Fender Rack
  • Sidecar Nose Rack
  • Baraholka Box


  • Front Fender Vintage License Plate                        
  • Sidecar Wooden Dashboard                                                      
  • Sidecar Rear View Mirror                                                     


  • Left Footbox
  • 240 UralNE Rear Sidecar Bumper
  • Shin Guards
  • Short Sidecar Windshield w/ Light Tint
  • Grip Puppies Comfort Handlebar Grips
  • GIVI Windshield$ 228 Storm Handguards


  • Black "Ural" Fuel Tank Logo
  • Custom OverLand Graphics by Eclipse Signs

Want to see this bike in action? We are taking it to a dirt track during the New England Bushcraft Event on April 28th. We did receive a tent, duffel bag, and two mugs from Polar that will also be set up during the event. You can see the tent folded up in it's bag on the sidecar in the image to the right. We are so thankful for Polar and their generous donation of the tent and two camping mugs. They go well with our theme of the Overland. 


We say this over and over again, but it really does matter that Ural can hold a lot of gear. As those of you who know you can do a bit of grocery shopping on a Ural, you know it can hold a lot. Both the duffel bag, tent, and the mugs all fit into the trunk with room to spare.     



  This Ural has it all! It gives you the perfect excuse to go out and enjoy all that nature has and with the sidecar you don't have to go it alone. Spend a long weekend up in the mountains and bring someone along with you, even if it's a dog. This is what Ural is made for, go out and have fun, get dirty, then relax next to a fire after a long day of adventure.   

Interested? Check it out on our website AlphaCars and Ural of New England




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