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The Patrol is designed with touring in mind, the long days on the road. Equipped standard with 2WD and spare tire it's easily customizable to fit everything your extended aventure may need.

Touring Comfort

The Patrol gives you the comfort of a touring bike with the same off road capability as our Gear-Up.

This street legal 2wd all-terrain ready motorcycle gives you the ability to switch between single-wheel drive and the unbelievable traction of dual-wheel drive with the flip of a lever.

Room To Share

With a sidecar and trunk you'll have enough room for all your favorite gear (or people) during your next ride.

The Patrol provides you space for your everyday needs, whether it's camping gear or that last minute grocery run, you'll no longer need to worry about strapping it to your bike, or back.


We have an extensive line of accessories available to help tailor your Ural to your specific needs. Whether it's luggage racks for your extended trip or a sidecar flood light, one of our qualified dealers can help you order and install your upgrades.


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