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Rider of the Month: November


This past month I have had the pleasure of speaking with a new Ural owner named Howie and how much he is enjoying his new Ural Retro. Howie has been deemed Rider of the Month by us here at AlphaCars and Ural of New England. He has been riding for a long time, but mostly on Harley Davidson's. While Howie's Ural is new to him and are still breaking it in, they had a great time this past Thanksgiving, offering rides around the neighborhood to their relatives. Howie is a fun loving family man who is ready to start a new riding journey on his Ural, even if it's to explore the town. 


Why did you pick Ural? What model did you choose and why? 

Answer: "I first looked at a Ural some 20 years ago while attending Americade at Lake George NY. Since that time I always knew that there would be a sidecar in my riding future. It was great to see that Ural quality and dependability have come a long ways since then and I was very impressed when I stopped in at Alphacars to take a firsthand look and a test drive. Not having a need for two-wheel drive I picked the Retro for the benefit of both style and stability (it sits a little lower). My wife and I just adopted a Newfoundland puppy and I have great plans to take my furry riding buddy all over the Northeast!"


How many miles/kilometers have you put on since your purchase? 

Since Howie's Ural is new they haven't been on too many trips yet and have only put on 200 miles, but they plan to ride it through winter. Even after a couple weeks they are realizing just how unique their bike is every time they go out, even short distances they make people's heads turn and smiles light up. They are exited and happy to share the Ural experience. 

What makes your Ural unique? mods, accessories, or custom work etc. 

First off, Howie's bike is white with classy black pin stripes, that alone makes it stand out from the standard solid color. He also added a lot of modifications and accessories to the bike: 

- Heated grips

- Front and rear bumpers for extra protection 

- Full lighting package that AlphaCars has to offer and two additional lights 

- Wood panel mat for the side car, power outlet to handlebar 

- An adapter for battery tender for both the handlebars and the sidecar

- A heated blanket and a pigtail battery for heated clothing (a must for winter adventures) 

- A folding flag on the rear luggage rack 

- Deer Whistles (easing the stress of running into wildlife) 

- Harness, attachment clips, helmet, and goggles for the dog 


 What has been your favorite adventure with your Ural? 

Howie writes, "The Ural has put the “Fun Factor” back into my riding. I generally ride about 8,000 miles a year which includes my daily commute to work during the more seasonable times of year and while I am looking forward to many weekend adventures along the Maine coast, Nova Scotia and the Green Mountains of Vermont. I am as interested in the enjoyment to be had by the more routine trips. Last weekend I went to Lowe’s and was able to buy an 8 foot long closet pole which fit very nicely in the sidecar and tied down easily to the luggage rack. Couldn’t do that on my Harley!" 

What would you say to someone who is interested in purchasing a Ural? Best features of your model? 

The good news is that riding with a Sidecar is nothing at all like riding a Trike. That was the real reason for my test drive. I spent a day on a very well appointed Trike and for me there was absolutely no “Fun Factor”. Two minutes around the parking lot and I knew that a hacked rig was for me. I know that reverse is a standard feature, but it is a much appreciated one by me. Being able to back into the garage without having to get off is a simple but wonderful thing. For years I have been riding fully dressed Harley’s with every feature and convenience possible. I find it refreshing that my Retro takes me back to a simpler time that doesn’t require radios, CB’s or cruise control. I’ve only used it once but I love having a kick starter in addition to the electric start. I have to believe that adding fuel injection a few years ago has made the rigs more dependable, or at the very least, easier for those of us who are mechanically challenged. If you are interested it is time to stop looking and make arrangements for a test drive. Right then and there you will know if it is meant for you!

A big thank you to Howie and his family for letting us use their photos for this post as well as taking the time to respond so thoroughly to the questions. 

If you would like to be a featured rider on our Blog please email: ashley@alphacars.com for more information. 

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